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Catching a cab has never been easier.

It's secure & safe.

It's faster than traditional taxi booking.

With One-Tap payment through the app.

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For Business

Get all employees onto one account.

Fast and easy payment through corporate account.

Detailed reporting features.

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CabCue - Simply Smart.

Book the cab closest to you

Watch the cab approaching

Call the driver

Pay with the App, PayPal, Credit Card or Cash

Leave Feedback

View reports, travel route, payments etc.

Available for Free on:

CabCue the Independent Taxi App – Simply  Clever.

Catching a cab has never been simpler or faster.

Available for iPhone and Android

What is CabCue?

CabCue a free independent taxi hailing app is simpler, faster, and without the headaches that traditional taxi booking services come with, and best of all its totally free.

Tired of calling up some call centre to book a taxi  and wait forever for the cab to arrive, or have to wait on the side of the road waving your arm uselessly, hoping a passing cab will pick you up?

The CabCue taxi app allows you to hail the closest taxi available within a short distance from where you are, then, when the taxi is arriving, you receive a notification. And there is no booking fee or any other charges for using CabCue.

Hailing a Cab is Easy

Hailing a cab with our free taxi app is as simple as 1-2-3. Tap on the ‘Get Cab’ button, select the suburb you are going to, confirm and …voila! It’s that simple. You will be able to see the details of your taxi driver and approximate arrival time.

Being an independent company, CabCue does not favour any particular taxi company, we favour you the passenger. Your request will be instantly sent to the closest available taxi drivers. This means that in most cases your waiting time will be a lot less than the old system because your request won’t be sent to a taxi that is much further away than the nearest available. With CabCue you have all the advantages.

Paying for a Cab is even easier

CabCue now offers EFTPOS Tablets for easy and convenient in-car fare payments – CabCueXT. It is he first of its kind and offers not only in-car EFTPOS payments but is also a device to receive taxi hailing requests. Of course, CabCue still offers its in-app payment, allwing you to pay for taxis with your pre-registered credit card.

Just try it and make up your own mind. It’s totally Free.
Link: iPhone | Android

And if you want to know more about CabCueXT read here.