CabCue XT, an EFTPOS Tablet with built-in receipt Printer, and a Job Dispatch System – all in one. It’s the first device that let’s you accept card payments, print receipts and receive taxi bookings, all in one device. This EFTPOS Tablet is completely free! No fees, no rental charges, and no lock-in contracts. Your fares get transferred into your bank account every day and we will pay you commission on all transactions you make through CabCueXT.

Get in contact with us and we can give you more details about it.

Give Uber the finger and join the growing number of CabCueXT drivers.


In Brief:

  • Accept all major credit cards and debit cards

  • Earn a commission on all EFTPOS payments

  • Add Fare, Tip, Toll

  • Automatic surcharge calculation

  • Built-In printer for receipts and tax invoice

  • Easy to use, one singe device

  • No data excess charges, unlimited data

  • Superfast transaction so you don’t waste time

  • The world’s most secure EFTPOS machine*

  • Daily funds transfer into your bank account (Mon-Fri)

  • Comes with cradle, suction cup, car charger and main charger

  • Take it with you from one vehicle to another

  • It’s completely Free! No charges, fees or lock-in contracts.

So, what is CabCue XT?

CabCue XT is an integrated offering using Commbank’s Albert EFTPOS Tablet with customised CabCue taxi hailing and payment software. It can be used as a standalone EFTPOS machine in your vehicle to accept payments of all your passengers, print tax invoices, as well as transaction receipts, and receive real-time taxi bookings from thousands of passengers who already use CabCue to book a taxi, and who don’t want to use Uber to be ferried around by some random and uninsured guy. All this in one simple to use device.

How does it work?

You can use CabCueXT just as any other EFTPOS terminal. You can accept all major credit cards but it lets you enter additional charges, such as tip and toll to the transaction so that they are itemised on the transaction receipt and in your statement.

In addition you can also receive taxi bookings from thousands of passengers that already use our app for taxi hailing. You will see the pick-up address and the destination, allowing you to pick and chose your customers.

And how much will it cost me?

Nothing. Not a cent. There are also no ongoing charges or fees or anything else as long as you have a monthly transaction volume of $1,500 and more. I your transaction volume is less than $1,500 p/m we reserve the right to charge you $39.90 p/m rental fee or you may decide to return the device.

Will I own the device?

No. The device will be lent to you free of charge. If you stop using it you will have to return the device in acceptable and working condition. Otherwise, if the device is damaged, we will reserve the right to charge you a replacement cost. You can use it free of charge, if you break it you pay for it, that’s only fair and common sense.

How is the commission Calculated?

Our lean operating model allows us to share the transaction surcharge with you – so you get more cash in you pocket. How much you get depends on the state you live and the transaction volume you reach per month. Speak to us and we’ll let you know.

The commission is calculated directly at the end of every calendar month, starting from the first month that you subscribe.

Please note that commission rates can change from time to time. Should this happen we will notify you accordingly.

OK, that sounds good. How do I get CabCue XT?

Simply call us to order your device. We will schedule a short training session in your area and give you the EFTPOS Tablet.


So what do I get?

You will get the EFTPOS Tablet with built-in printer, a charger and a car holder to fit on the window. No drilling holes or getting a technician to install it. Just put it in the car and start using it. It’s that simple.

How do I qualify for CabCue XT?

  1. You need to be a registered taxi or hire car driver.
  2. You need to have your own ABN
  3. You must provide at least 2 forms of identity verification (e.g drivers license, taxi authority, utilities bill, or passport.
  4. You will need to register your credit card details for security for security purpose.


The Fine Print

  • We will lend you the EFTPOs Tablet, this means you do not own it but you also don’t have to pay for it.
  • You must have a minimum transaction volume of
  • If you decide to stop using the EFTPOS Tablet for any reason simply return it to us in good condition and in full working order. That’s it, no questions asked, no lock-in contracts or exit fees.
  • You must use the device as you primary card processing device and if we believe that you do not use the device regularly we may ask you to return it back to us.
  • If you fail to return the device and are not contactable anymore you agree to us charging you the replacement cost of he device of up to $1,500.
  • If you return the device in a damaged condition you will be liable for repair cost and you agree to us charging your credit card the repair or replacement cost of he device of up to $1,500.

Here are the full terms and conditions.

That’s it.

Sounds good? Then give us a call and we will set you up in no time.